Installing and Wiring a Light Fixture


The first task is always to turn off the current. Turn this light upon and find the appropriate electric circuit breaker with your breaker screen. If important, turn them off one at a time until this light fades. Do not depend on the light switch to turn off the electricity to this light; another person could turn it back upon, especially if it is only one of two or additional switches controlling exactly the same light fixture. If an individual absolutely need to leave this circuit breaker on let down the swap and recorded argument it into your off place with a sheet of masking or electrical recorded argument. Keep in mind, you can always hire a professional electrician in San Diego to complete this task.

Repeat for all you switches that will control that one light fixture. It seriously is not as protected as turning from the breaker, but hopefully you will not be unexpectedly bumped upon and anyone looking to turn it on will at the very least pause and inquire of before this. As an established electrician, I not merely turn off all energy but talk to a voltage tester to produce absolutely sure, there is no current at the light.

Installing a new light fixture.

Any old fixture already installed has to be removed just before installing a brand new light fixture. Remove almost any glass globes and light bulbs as important; not going to want these people falling off through the process. Most gentle fixtures are attached with two screws but some use a large nut to hold on to the fixture on the ceiling. Loosen and eliminate the screws or perhaps nut because appropriate in addition to gently reduce the fixture as much as possible. If you have an installation bracket that comes with the power ceiling box, remove in addition to discard that.go to the original source for more updates.

Now is a good time to check for voltage with a non-get in touch with voltage tester if you are available, before proceeding while using the removal. Older properties will from time to time have wiring that isn’t color coded or perhaps is far too darkened for you to readily figure out the wire colors – if here is the case produce careful note that house wire is attached to the black and white wires from the light fixture and draw them with an item of tape for future reference point.

Remove these wire nuts connecting the house wiring on the light fixture and replace the nuts loosely around the house wiring as being a safety measure. As an elementary safety act, never touch these bare wires; yes, current is switched off but a fantastic electrical safety practice is not to touch any wire that could carry present whether switched off or not necessarily. Far way too many people have been shocked by wires they will thought ended up off, do not let it happen to you.

Electrical safety practice

Most light fixtures have a layer of insulation on the upper side, against the ceiling. Try not to disturb this insulation; it is there to keep the heat from the light fixture from going up into the wiring box.

Tuck the wires into the ceiling box as much as possible and attach the light fixture to the box, using either the two screws or the long tube and nut that fit in the mounting bracket. Your new light fixture will have instructions and diagrams on exactly how to attach your particular fixture.

Tighten the screws or nut firmly, but do not deform the light fixture. Few fixtures fit tight against the ceiling at all points and it is possible to deform it badly by turning screws and nuts too far.


Install light bulbs as necessary and attach any light globes that are needed. Most globes are attached with small thumbscrews; again do not over tighten these screws as it will break the glass globe. Tighten just enough to hold the globe in place. Choose light bulbs according to the label on the new light fixture and make sure they are not too high a wattage. Good choices that will save considerable electricity are the small “corkscrew” fluorescent light bulbs.

If you have read this article and still have doubts about your ability to install or wire a new light fixture may I suggest this hub about learning how to do your own electric home repairs and improvements.

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